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2015 Tomato U-PICK Season 
will continue until Dec. 2015
8:00am - 12:00pm


8:00am - 12:00pm

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Berry Kingdom, Inc.
Welcome to Berry Kingdom!
We are medium size organic certified and inspected farm that specializes in growing best tasting, thornless, chemical free, CERTIFIED ORGANIC BLACKBERRIES and HEIRLOOM "BERRY TOMATOES". Our berry tomatoes have 5x the nutients as compared to hybrids.
We have two+ acres of berries on our 8 acre farm located in a picturesque Spring Lake area of Hernando County. Our berries are grown in this serene, clean environment 
and watered with pure great tasting water that comes from our deep well. They get suppliments of organically approved nutrition and are never sprayed with any harmfull chemicals. We love being organic and living in harmony with nature.
We have 10 varieties of blackberries planted throughout our fields that can bring joy to any taste buds. Our goal is to provide both commercial and u-pick operations. Please check our website for picking update.

Example of our berries.

Current ORGANIC BLACKBERRY price is $7.00/lb and $3.50/lb for TOMATOES($18/$8 per pound in Organic stores).
Please come early or call before you come to make sure we have berries available as they sell out very quickly.
Call us one day prior to coming if wish to have us pick berries/tomatoes for you, so they will be ready for pickup.


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